Plan your Strategies and Schemes

The Malifaux Strategizer is a tool for working out where the different schemes and strategies interact. This assist in planning and building a crew. Click here for instructions on how to use the Strategizer.

How to use the Malifaux Strategizer

Step 1: Select the deployment type for your game.

Step 2: Select the common Strategy for you and your opponent.

Step 3: Select the 5 randomly selected Schemes that are available for you game. (NB. until I fix the ‘deselecting’ bug, if you make a mistake, just back track to step 2 to reset the Schemes.) Schemes that are ‘greyed out’ do not require an area and will have no affect on the interaction of other Schemes.

After selecting all three steps, you will see a graphical representation of where the different Strategy and Schemes overlap.