Shifting Loyalties 2017 – FAQ

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Is there a cost?
No, this is a free event.

Do I need to own the Shifting Loyalties rule book to compete?
No, the tournament organiser will supply a brief outline of the tournament rules (which is now located here Shifting Loyalties Campaign rules). Additionally quick reference sheets can be downloaded from the Wyrd website (

How many models do I need to participate in the campaign?
Initially you will require a henchmen led crew with a combined total cost of 35ss (including the cost of the henchman). Each week you will be required to add an additional model to your crew; so you will need to have at least 6 additional models that you can add to your initial 35ss crew.

Does my crew need to be fully painted?
No, but it is preferable (and there may be an additional reward if they are).

How many games can I play each round?
You need to play at least one game per round to remain in the campaign. It is preferable to play this game during the official campaign meet-up on the last Thursday of each month, but the game can be played at other times if both players agree. Additional games can be played each round, but there is a limit of 16 Scrip that each player can earn each round, and you run the risk of

Will there be prizes?
Yes, you will receive a Guilder if you attended each official Round. Additional mystery box prize may be added for special achievements throughout the campaign.

How do I know who I am playing against?
The tournament organiser will keep a running tally of games won/lost and will pair players at the beginning of each round based on the results of the last round. Notification of your opponent will be published in the morning prior to the official meet-up.

What will the schemes and strategies be?
These will be determined by the tournament organiser and published 1 week prior to the official meet-up.

I’m stoked to join, how do I enter?
To join in the campaign you will need to submit your starting 35ss arsenal to the TO. This can be done by filling in this form.