Shifting Loyalties 2017 – Round 5: Map it out

Welcome to Round 5, We’re now racing towards the finale of the tournament. The last two rounds will be shorter than normal, running only two weeks each. (2nd March and the 16th March).

To get you fired up for the last two rounds I thought I’d announce the prize; the overall winner may choose one of the following special edition models:
Neverborn: Miss Ery or SE Barbaros (if he comes back in stock)
Arcanist: Miss Step or LE Perfromer
Guild: Miss Terious or Guild Sargent
Outcast: SE Bishop or Johanna
Resurrectionist: SE Nicodem or SE Rafkin
Gremlin: Root beer Whiskey golem or SE gremlin
Ten Thunders: Miss Anne Thorpe or LE Katanaka Sniper

Round 5 Event:

Map making can turn a profit in Malifaux. After determining VP at the end of the game, gain 2 Scrip for each friendly Scheme marker that remains on the opponents half of the board.

Round 5 Encounter

Deployment: Close

Strategy: Public Executions

Eliminate the leadership
Inescapable trap
Dig their graves
Recover evidence
Hold up their forces

Current ranking:

  1. Scott
  2. Evan
  3. Miles
  4. Seb
  5. Rohan
  6. Alex
  7. Bart

Round 5 match-ups

Evan vs Scott
Alex vs Rohan
Miles vs Seb
Bart – Bye

Reporting your game results

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Player sheets for you the write your notes on:
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Arsenals sheets:

Alex’s Arsenal
Alex’s Arsenal Page 2

Bart’s Arsenal

Evan’s Arsenal
Evan’s Arsenal Page 2

Miles’ Arsenal

Rohan’s Arsenal

Scott’s Arsenal

Seb’s Arsenal